About Our Company

Pymma Software was founded by passionated people that have a certain conception of the way to build IT software. We have certain conviction that follows us in all our missions.

  • We avoid to re-invent the wheel
  • A successful software is the one where business users feel the positive effect in their daily tasks
  • Small success is better that long awaiting Success that often never achieves the expected level
  • Agility, Innovation, using the good tools/frameworks and having the good people with you will lead to successful projects

Our Team

Meet Our Creative Team

  • Nicolas Héron

  • Samuel Mangot

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History Of Our Company

Let Us Tell You Our Story


Getting Started with Rules Engines & Drools

Our first big project with drools. After prototyping and using drools (version 3 and 4 at that time) behind the scene in projects, we realize a big project where drools is the core component in a loyalty server. In production since then and now in version 5.6 of drools, the loyalty server handles millions of transaction per month. It was also the first time we could help with drools core team that was small at that time. From now now, drools will accompanied us in most of our projects.

2007 - 2010

Project in Production with Drools & jBPM

We now do a lot of drools projects from small to big size, at customer IT, with software editors. We start using Guvnor in our projects. As we are providing more and more pathes, the drools community accepted Nicolas Héron as a committer and project member. During this period, we start using a lot the Open Source ESB OpenESB that we help to create and live.


Foundation of ChtiJBug Open Source Project

Our expertise and experience with drools in projects pushes us to develop a small framework, the chtijbug framework, that speeds up the implementation of the drools framework. Many projects are in production with that framework.


Drools Platform on the ramp

As we are doing a lot of project in banking, insurance, credit and leasing companies, in all those projects we were implementing the same kind of functionality around drools. therefore we decided to build a platform around drools that would by default propose all those functionnalities out of the box without any development needed.


Foundation of Pymma Software

To be able to focus on drools projects, we decided to create Pymma Software.

Do you want a demonstration of drools in Action ?

Soon, we can propose you a demonstration drools and our tooling on the cloud

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